Catholic ceremony in Italy

If you are getting married in Italy and want a religious ceremony according to the Catholic rites, you are in luck.

Here we can provide any type of civil and religious ceremonies, regardless of where you are from and what religion you have.

We love to include everyone and provide the best services possible.

Catholics only need the standard documents for the marriage and a beautiful church to get married at.

As Italy has a rich history with Catholicism, finding a church you will love will not be difficult.

Whether you want a more intimate setting, with a small town church or a big cathedral, Italian Wedding Planner can make it happen.

We will assist you with obtaining the necessary documentation and listen to your preferences in order to find the most beautiful Catholic churches in Italy.

The priest can give the blessing in English, if you do not speak Italian and you can choose if you want mass to be officiated at the same time, or if you want a ceremony without mass.

Needless to say, all Catholic ceremonies officiated in Italy are recognized both by the Italian state and by the other Catholic churches all over the world.

After you plan your dream Catholic wedding and choose a church to your liking, you can just enjoy the beauty of the ceremony and take communion at the end, along with your guests.

It will be an unforgettable event and a wonderful spiritual experience, for the couple, as well as for the guests.


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