Boat excursions with Direction Capri

No Amalfi Coast wedding is complete without a magical boat trip. Direction Capri is one of the most renowned boat trip companies in the area.


Spoil your guests with an idyllic trip around the Amalfi Coast before or after the wedding, or treat yourself and your other half to a full massage or a food tasting experience on board of one of our luxury boats.


The staff of Direction Capri all grew up on the Amalfi Coast, ‘following the path of the old men at sea’, they say. The passion they have for their land is reflected in the magnificent beauty of their bespoke boat trips. It is a new, astonishingly beautiful way of experiencing this incredible place.


The warm welcome that they offer their clients is second to none. Nowhere else on the Amalfi Coast will you find such a dedication to the customer’s needs. Your boat trip will be organised together with you based on what you wish to experience.


Excellence is in everything they offer – because nothing less would do when it comes to your wedding.


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