Hindu Ceremony in Italy

Indian weddings are big, colorful events filled with joy and interesting customs.

Italy has become a favorite destination for Indian couples, due the beauty of the landscapes and the welcoming nature of the locals and, of course, the professionalism of the wedding planners.

Hindu weddings can be performed anywhere, so a lot of couples choose to have the ceremony outdoors, especially since an outdoor wedding accommodates a large number of guests.

You can get married on the beach, the countryside or have a gorgeous lakeside wedding. We can find you a wedding celebrant that will truly transform your event into an unforgettable experience. Hindu wedding officiants in Italy are some of the best professionals in Europe and they will perform the ceremony however you like it best, with more tradition or with a more modern approach.

You can have your ceremony in Italian, English or Sanskrit. If you choose Sanskrit, the celebrant will explain and translate the text for the couple and for the guests, so there are no worries in this department.

You will need a civil ceremony beforehand, if you want your union to be legally binding.

If you want only a symbolic ceremony, we can arrange for that too. We offer complete services for an Indian wedding in Italy, from the location and ceremony, the pre-wedding events, to the food and the henna artists.

Italians love learning about other cultures and their traditions, so here you will find a perfect place for you ceremony.



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