Jewish ceremony in Italy

Jewish wedding celebrations are beautiful, happy ceremonies, filled with tradition.

The love and respect all Jewish people have for their faith and customs is reflected in the marriage traditions and, if you are Jewish and want to get married in Italy, you should know that Jewish ceremonies are legally binding and recognized here.

The location of your ceremonies depends on both your denomination and your choice.

For example, Jewish Orthodox couples get married in synagogues and must obtain a series of documents from their church at home.

Finding a rabbi that will marry you is not a difficult task, because Italy has some beautiful historical synagogues all over the country and lots of friendly rabbis that will officiate beautiful wedding ceremonies.

If you belong to the Reform denomination, you can get married in a place of your choice: outdoors, in a gorgeous palace or villa, in the city or countryside.

You will not need any additional documents from home and setting up a chuppah against a magical background will give your wedding ceremony a special touch.

More and more people from all over the world choose this option because it is both valid and recognized, but also a lot simpler.

Whether you want to stick to the traditional synagogue wedding or have your own ideas about how you want your wedding to unfold, in Italy you will find lots of great options.

We love planning Jewish ceremonies! You just have to choose what you want and let us do the rest.

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