Orthodox Ceremony in Italy

Like in the case of Protestant blessings, in order to have an Orthodox wedding become valid in Italy, you will have to have a civil ceremony before.

Orthodox Christians, like Catholics, must get married in a church and must be baptized.

This is not a problem, however, it even can be viewed as an advantage.

The Orthodox churches in Italy are breathtaking and you can find them all over the country, from Rome to Naples and Venice.

Churches might come with specific requirements so it would be best to start planning in advance: talk to your wedding planner and choose your church, and we will help you with all the information necessary.

For example, in case you were married before, you have to bring the documents that attest that your marriage was terminated. However, there is plenty of time to do it.

Orthodox wedding ceremonies are among the most beautiful in the world, with majestic music and interesting traditions and customs.

The churches are absolutely splendid and, even if you are a Greek Orthodox, Russian or another denomination, you will find something in Italy that suits you.

The ceremony is quite different from that of the other religions and it has two parts: the betrothal first and then the marriage.

The bride and groom don’t write and recite vows, but the ceremony is filled with symbolism and spirituality.

You will surely enjoy having an Orthodox wedding in Italy.

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